Parent and Fee Policy

Parent Policy, Fees Policy, Photo and Video Policy, Squad Training Video Sessions and Make-up Policy

Please ensure you read through the following carefully.

Parent Policy

  • Parents please do not interrupt the LTS Teachers or Squad Coaches whilst they are conducting a lesson/ training.
  • Please observe lessons/ training from a distance.
  • It is desirable that parents do not communicate with their child while they are participating in a lesson/ training.
  • Please support your child through the learning process and do not compare their performances with other swimmers. (All children learn at different rates.)
  • Help support the LTS Teachers and Squad Coaches’ rules.
  • Make sure your child abides by pool rules.
  • If you have any questions regarding your child’s progress, please email the staff will help assist you with your questions.
  • If your child is in Primary School please DO NOT send them UNATTENDED to the pool unless they are participating in lessons or training that day (THE POOL IS NOT AN AFTER SCHOOL CARE SERVICE/ FACILITY).

Photo and Video Policy  

  • Parents are more than welcome to take a photo or video of your child; however it is a requirement that you gain permission from the Squad Coach or LTS Instructor before taking photos/videos.

Squad Training Video Sessions

  • Swimmers in Gold and Blue will possibly be recorded to help with the swimmers with the correction of their technique.   If you do not want your child to be involved please let coaches know.

Fees Policy

  • All fees are to be paid in advance and in full. If you are unable to do so alternative payment options are cash, card or cheque or Weekly/Fortnightly payments must be paid by Electronic Funds Transfers- Payments can be made weekly or fortnightly, fees must be paid for the whole block including weeks that are missed.
  • Fee payments are due 14 days from invoice date.
  • If you are having issues with your payments please contact

Late fees

  • For late fee payments families will be contacted and credit card payments will be taken over the phone.  
  • If there is no attempt to pay by week 4 of the block the swimmer will be excluded from lesson or training until the payment is made.
  • A $20.00 administration fee will incur on all late fees at the end of week 4.

Please note Sunnybank Sprinters will be moving to a Direct Deposit arrangement from October 2016.  

Make-up Policy


  • Please be aware and understand there are no make-up sessions or credits for missed squad sessions. Exemptions will only be made if two or more weeks are missed through injury, illness or family commitments or if a swimmer is away for a full week due to School commitments (e.g. School Camps).
  • These credits are at  the discretion of Tom Harris/Admin Staff  

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Make-ups and missed lessons

Sunnybank Sprinters offers make-up lessons as a courtesy to all families who have notified the program via email that they cannot attend the swimmers their scheduled lessons. 

Please email

No email no make-up

  • Swimmers doing 1 lesson per week are able to have 1 make-up lesson per block. The make-up lesson must be completed within the block. Any make-ups that are unable to be attended will be forfeited.
  • Swimmers doing 2 lessons per week are able to have 2 make-up lessons per block. Make-ups will must be completed within the block. Any make-up lessons that are unable to be attended will be forfeited.
  • Swimmer doing 3 lesson per week are able to have 3 make-up lesson per block. Make-ups will must be completed within the block. Any lessons that are unable to be attended will be forfeited.
  • If more than two weeks are missed due to injury, illness or family commitments make-up lessons or credits will be given at the discretion of Tom Harris/Admin Staff

Make-ups for Private Lessons

  • Make-ups for swimmers who are attending private lessons will be done in a group class

Cancellations due to bad weather   

  • Lesson and Training will be cancelled if there is a lightning storm
  • Lessons and Training will recommence 30 minutes after the last visible lightning
  • Make-ups will be offered when classes are cancelled due to the weather, depending on vacancies make ups may be offered during the term or made up in the make-up week.
  • If a make-up is not possible a credit will be offered.

Pool closures

  • If the pool/pools are closed during the Block and Lessons and Training missed make-up or credit will be offered.


Tom Harris and Staff